Brand - Cautieri - Lo stile italiano nel mondo
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A man’s class is an unexpected journey through his story, his identity,
the desire to be impeccable at any time of the day.

The strength of a man is in his style”. That’s what we see in the Cautieri man. For him, season after season, we create total look collections that can enhance all his essence in a continuous succession of shapes, colours and lines, able to interpret current trends but always conferring our trademark.

Cautieri creations, from jackets to trousers, shirts, coats and shoes, reflect the brand’s DNA, which is achieved with the perfect blend of tradition and dynamism.

What makes Cautieri a world-renowned brand is the underlying philosophy of its creations: creativity, tailoring of collections, meticulous attention to every detail, careful search for an excellent fit and selection of quality fabrics able to exalt masculine style on every occasion.
We cultivate, research and enhance Italian fashion every day, collection after collection, with the aim of making Cautieri synonymous with that Made-in-Italy known and appreciated worldwide. The Italian spirit of the collections preserves all its history in the field of workmanship and materials, while at the same time being revisited with a dynamic and modern approach, to meet the tastes and needs of the new cosmopolitan and international generations.

We like to search for and study the best solution to narrate the male universe.
Every garment is created with care and skilfully matched with a view to a total look that combines experience and innovation in production, but also quality and freshness in the choice of models, to achieve a result that makes us, day after day, proud of our work.
At the centre of our vision the man, in his entirety: colours, stitching, geometric motifs and sophisticated or basic fabrics are our tools to make him impeccable on every occasion.