Company - Cautieri - Lo stile italiano nel mondo
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The Di Corso family, at the helm of Moda Europa srl, is the emblem of a local production company, with a strong Italian character, which over the years has been the protagonist of an incredible growth, able to assert the quality and craftsmanship of its garments at both the national and international level: fifty years of history, professionalism, reliability, passion and long-term visions have animated and still animate a company able to take Made in Italy and Italian style worldwide.

Elegance is an attitude: feel at the top, on every occasion.

The Cautieri brand was founded in 2011, from decades of experience acquired in the clothing industry and, above all, from a tireless passion for fashion, summarised in the corporate vision: create high quality and highly tailored garments with a strong Italian taste, able to perfectly dress every style, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

The project to relaunch and strengthen the brand awareness of the proprietary brands today goes hand in hand with a brand extension plan designed to strengthen the Cautieri brand and take it to new markets, making it the maximum expression of the Made in Italy total look for men.


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